issue 5 / 5 star desserts

Oh, the Good Company girls are getting a little spacey!
What do stars and chocolate chips cookies have in common, you might ask?
Well, as Carl Sagan famously said, "We are all made of star stuff." If we make your day a little brighter
with a recipe or a little inspiration, then we've done our part in that great cosmic plan. We're grateful that the stars have aligned to bring us all of the amazing people we've worked with, past and present.

For this issue, we were so inspired by Erin McDowell and Dereck Laughren's Sunken Chocolate Cake,
(recipe on pg 7) that we just had to create a whole story around it: 5 star desserts.
We think these recipes are so great that they transcend time, space, and galaxies!
Some are so easy, they feel like magic. Some so good, you'll see (shooting) stars. 
And some are so decadently delicious, they'll appear and then vaporize.
 If Mr. Sagan were here, you can bet we'd want him at our round table.

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